Thursday, 4 January 2018

First archaeology fieldtrip in 2018

Me, archaeologist Janne Soisalo, archaeology student Teemu Väisänen and local history enthusiast Micke Malm ventured on our first fieldtrip of our 2018 field season on the 3.1.2018. We visited several interesting find areas in Raseborg but two places really stood out!

The large gravel pit @ Raseborg Krogarbacken.

Krogarbacken is an area that is situated very close to the iron age and late medieval dwelling sites in Kroggård. The reason for our visit were quartz flakes found nere the summit of Krogarbacken. Sadly this area was very badly damaged and we couldnt confirm th existence of a stone age dwelling site.

Easily discernable mesolithic and early neolithic beach terraces in the east part of the large gravel pit.

A bit dissapointed after the lack of mesolithic finds we ran into an interesting area related to iron smelting in the same area! The finds included iron slag, burnt clay and pitchblack sandy soil full of charcoal.

Janne S and Micke M surveying. Krogarbacken 3.1.2018.

Stormossen 21 m. asl. was the main target of our fieltrip and what a wonderful stone-age dwelling site it was! Lots of quartz flakes and pottery as far as the eye could see. We documented and mapped the area for future research (perhaps in the spring of 2019).

Stormossen, neolithic potsherd.

The Stormossen neolithic dwelling site.

Quartz flakes found by the landowner prior to ur visit!

The new sites were reported to the National Board of Antiquities today. Depending on how the winter continues here in S. Finland even more fieldtrieps might be possible before spring :)

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

The registration for next years community archaeology excavation in Porvoo has started!

The stone-age mysteries Neolithic Porvoo will be revealed during a community archaeology excavation from June 8th - June 10th.2018. No previous knowledge of archaeology is required. We speak Finnish, Swedish and English.

"Kivikaudesta Keskiaikaan-Porvoon Seudun Esihistoriaa" (1985)

This is the first community archaeology excavation in Porvoo in many, many years! Only 14 people per day can participate so please act fast if you whish to participate! Just click on the link below and join us in the adventure!

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Stone-age dwelling sites found in Raseborg!

No snow here in S. Finland at the moment, so next week (on Wednesday) me, archaeologist Janne Soisalo and archaeology student Teemu Väisänen will inspect and document newly found stone-age dwelling sites in Raseborg!

It´s high time to take a look at the forested areas in search of new undisturbed stone-age sites! Photo co Mikko Sorsa.

All of the sites have yielded finds of pottery (early comb ceramic and typical comb ceramic period), as well as quartz- and slate flakes from the Mesolithic stone-age. The find sites are located in previously forested areas that have been cleared by the forest industry during 2016-2017.

A stone age rock painting was found in Raseborg in 2017!

The new  finds and the inspections are a result of more targeted co-operation between amateur archaeologists and metal detectorists in the region. As an archaeologist I´m also proud of the co-operation with the National Board of Antiquities Päivi Maaranen and Teija Tiitinen.

With these great news I would like to wish a Happy New Year 2018 to all of You!


Friday, 8 December 2017

The registration for next years community archaeology excavation in Helsinki has started!

The community archaeology excavation will take place in Pitäjänmäki, some 10 km:s from Helsinki city centre and is easily accessible with both train and bus. The languages spoken during the excavation are Swedish, Finnish. English and German!

Trial excavations underway in Pitäjänmäki (2004).

The excavation site is a neolithic dwelling site. It has proved very rich in finds from the late Comb Cramic period (ca 3800-3400 BC).

Lunchbreak (2004).

The maximum number of participants is limited to 25 per day so please act now in order to secure a place at the dig! Book here!

Late comb ceramic (Ka II:2) potsherds (2004).

There will also be an excavation with local school students from Gymnasiet Lärkan here in 2018 (prior to the community archaeology dig)! 

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Join us in the research of stone-age Porvoo next summer! Registration starts January 2nd 2018!

Life in the stone-age. Illustration by Tom Björklund for Borgå Museum.

Thanks to the very active and friendly help from "Borgå Medborgarinstitut" me and archeologist MA Janne Soisalo are now entering the final stage of the preparations for next years community archaeology excavation in Porvoo, only some 50 km:s east of Helsinki. 

Hunting with bow and arrow. Illustration by Tom Björklund for Borgå Museum.

We have not yet decided on which site to start work on. The decision is an important one as we wish to continue the excavations in the area for many years. Excavating and careful mapping is crucial to protect the important stone-age sites for future research. 

A stone-age burial. Illustration by Tom Björklund for Borgå Museum.

A lecture for the participants and others with an interest in the rich stone-age history of the Porvoo region will be held in Porvoo on the 15th of May. The accompanying trial excavation of a stone-age dwelling site will be from the 8th to the 10th of June! No previous knowledge of archaeology is required in order to participate! Registration starts at 11 o´clock on the January 2nd 2018!!

Friday, 17 November 2017

Raaseporin linnan rikolliset metallinetsijät, 500 e palkkio luvattu vihjeestä

 Raaseporin linna

Olen pöyristynyt. Raaseporin linnan läheisyydessä tapahtunut ryöstökaivaus (joka ilmeisesti tehtiin syyslomaviikon aikana) on osoittautunut paljon aluksi tiedettyä vakavammaksi. 

Satoja luvattomien metallinetsijöiden kuoppia "Slottsmalmenilla" 

Kaikkien apua tarvitaan nyt näiden rikollisten metallinetsijöiden kitkemiseksi arkeologian piiristä! Lasse Nyman on luvannut 500 e palkkion vihjeestä joka johtaa tekijöiden kiinnisaamiseen. Vihjeitä voi jättää myös tämän blogin kautta tai

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Exciting community archaeology dig near Helsinki City Centre in 2018!

Fantastic news! It now seems almost certain that me and Janne Soisalo will conduct a community archaeology excavation of a neolithic stone age dwelling site in Helsinki (Pitäjänmäki) next summer (probably in May/June). 

Excavating a trial trench on the site (2004)

I have excavated this site previously in 1999-2004 and I can tell you it´s a very intersting place with a multitude of very interesting finds. The dig is part of my upcoming scientific article on community archaeology in the larger Helsinki area 1990-2017. 

Excavating the site in 2004.

The site is very close to Helsinki City Centre and easily accessible by both train and bus.
To make it possible for as many people as possible to participate, the excavation will take place on both weekdays and a weekend. No previous knowledge of archaeology is required.

Boxed potsherds from the 2014 excavation.

If you wish like to participate please email me at or send me a message on FB.

Happy participants in 2004 :)